~ Brief Testimony ~

~ Brief Testimony ~

The Basics

1. Being a Lady of Virtue – each division of Lady of Virtue Ministries begins here with The Basics. The keys to Lady of Virtue Ministries set the ministry on a firm foundation

2. Being a Helpmate – as ladies move from school aged to college and careers they are able to set their standards based upon these principles.

  • a. What Happened to the Fairy Tale?
  • b. Why are we in the Wilderness?
  • c. Who’s in charge?
  • d. How to Reach the Promised Land!

3. Being a Mother of Love – 

  • a. Hands that Prepare
  • b. Hands that Protect
  • c. Hands that Provide
  • d. Hands that Pray

4. Being a Worker in the Field –

  • a. Watch out for the snakes, they bite
  • b. Stay away from the fire, it burns
  • c. Set your heart on God, follow your heart
  • d. Find the center of God’s will, stay there



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