It’s not up to us to conduct judgement or vengeance. I believe to just continue to live your life under truth and all lies will show themselves. 

There are times you must back off from, remove yourself from, or completely cut all ties with those that are stirring up the lies. Their lives will be what THEY make it, just like you living for truth; your life will be what YOU make it. 

Jesus is the WAY, TRUTH, and LIFE; if we follow His ways, His life then we are in His way, truth and HE will give us life MORE ABUNDANTLY. 

Satan is the one that has a mission to steal, kill, and destroy. And if you give into him destroying your life then you are giving him the power and control over your life, but the freedom over that power is Jesus and His way. 

He has given us all authority and power as long as we walk in Him.


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